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The ones to thank in this story were actually 2 rescue cats whom I took in back in 2013. Not sure if it was ‘luck’ that their previous owner had abandoned them. The first time we met, no one would have recognized them as once fluffy Persian kitties. Their whole bodies including their tails were infected with fungus and almost no fur was left. I decided to take them to medical care for almost a month. They were taken to shower, shaved, and received some injections. Their conditions were generally improved but not fully recovered. (Guess cats indeed weren’t built for bathing. My little monster once left a giant scratch wound on a staff’s arm, leaving me too much guilt to ever return for their service since.) This was until one of my friends said,

“Why not try bathing them with the shampoo you were making?”

I had been working on a pet shampoo formula and decided to give it a try, started with bathing my cats every 2 days, blow dried, then let them take some walk in the sun. Surprisingly, within just few weeks later, the dark circles on their skin had completely faded, hair started to grow back. My kitties were fluffy again. And because of the relaxing scent of essential oil combined in the shampoo, perhaps together with my love and care, my cats finally agreed to take a bath without leaving scratches on my arms anymore. After that I, without hesitation, continued to develop formula after formula of products to fit with other kind of pets, those of which became Bozzi products today. Believing that at least I’m passing on to my fellow pet lovers, another good choice for our beloved pets.

At Bozzi, we offer organic products created especially for pets by our Herbal Specialists. 

With formulas suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, Hamsters, Prairie Dogs, Ferrets, Sugar Gliders, Marmosets, Raccoons, Hedgehogs, birds and other exotic pets, every Bozzi products are designed to mildly restore and nourish pet’s skin and fur while promoting long-term health care and happiness, guaranteed by Thai Traditional Medical Certificate.




Not just simply added natural ingredients, but Bozzi products are customized formulas derived from Thai traditional herbal remedies. We handpicked herbs well known for their effective healing agents, freshly harvested from our organic farm, through a year-long extracting process by our specialists, combined with imported ingredients of Ecocert qualification and finally, entered the very delicate production process which took over 3 days to perfect the blend, with absolutely no chemical or preservatives. 




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